Sunderland Winter Gardens, Taylor Wessing Portrait Prize 2016

My Initial Response Although the work presented within this exhibition had no direct link into the question I have chosen to answer, it was still very interesting to view such a wide variety of styles and formats from a vast number of photographers. You could argue that in a sense portraiture does link into Instagram... Continue Reading →


The Baltic, Rodney Graham

My Initial Response to the Exhibition When going to see the series titled ‘That’s Not Me’ I was not entirely sure of what to expect. Already I had looked into the series online and appreciated the unique style and stunning imagery, but viewing them in person provided me with a lot more respect and understanding... Continue Reading →

Isabel Martinez

Bio ‘I work as a copywriter in Barcelona, Spain, and my work influenes the scenes I capture. I began using Instagram in 2011. I had never thought of myself as a photographer until May 2013, when Vogue Italy invited me to participate in a professional photographers’ exhibit in Milan. I realized that sometimes intuition is... Continue Reading →

Kyle Steed

Bio ‘We are born. We grow up. We die. It’s the in-between moments that make life beautiful – the way the evening light slips through the blinds; the way the sand feels beneath your feet; the way the world looks when you shut your eyes. To the untrained eye, these moments pass by in a... Continue Reading →

Dylan Furst

Bio ‘In 2010, Instagram introduced me to the world of mobile photography. I started going on adventures purely for the sake of Instagram. It gave me a whole new perspective on the world around me, all with the ease of my iPhone. My work is inspired by the art of travelling. When I travel, I... Continue Reading →

Theron Humphrey

Bio Theron Humphrey is an Instagram photographer and a representative of various animal charities such as Why We Rescue – USA and The Wild Idea – USA. Humphrey uses his Instagram to advertise numerous companies (for example Samsung, Jack Daniels, Firestone and Mercedes) who provide the products/funding to travel to then produce images of his... Continue Reading →

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