Penelope Umbrico


‘Penelope Umbrico (January 31, 1957) is an artist / photographer best known for appropriating images found using search engines and picture sharing websites. Her work has been published in books, exhibited and she has received awards.’ –

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My Initial Response

Initially I am quite drawn to this piece, it is visually pleasing due to the fact that it is presented in the form of a collage to come together as one big roll of wallpaper.

The difference between this piece and Robert Prince is the fact that 1) Umbrico requested these images and received consent from those sending the images and 2) Umbrico also digitally modified each image before applying it to the final product. For me personally that is a huge difference, which gives this piece a lot more value as some effort and skill went into the overall product in contrast to simply copying and pasting.

The concept behind this piece is also quite interesting, as Umbrico stated ‘I thought it peculiar that the sun, the quintessential giver of life and warmth, constant in our lives, symbol of enlightenment, spirituality, eternity, all things unreachable and ephemeral, omnipotent provider of optimism and vitamin D… and so ubiquitously photographed, is now subsumed to the internet – this warm singular object made multiple in the electronic space of the web, and viewed within the cool light of the screen.’ (

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How Umbrico Used Social Media Platforms And For What Purposes:


  • She took images people had sent to her through social media (Flickr) and digitally modified them to create something new – a collage


  • To raise a point as to how strange it is that something so everyday and meaningful is now ‘subsumed to the internet’
  • Also to point it out that it is strange how there are literally thousands (4500 in this one piece) of images of the exact same thing


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