Theron Humphrey


Theron Humphrey is an Instagram photographer and a representative of various animal charities such as Why We Rescue – USA and The Wild Idea – USA. Humphrey uses his Instagram to advertise numerous companies (for example Samsung, Jack Daniels, Firestone and Mercedes) who provide the products/funding to travel to then produce images of his dog and adventures. Using this money commissioned by larger companies he donates the funds to the organisations he works alongside.

He’s also won National Geographic’s Traveller of the Year Award.

Img 8981

My Initial Response

At first I appreciated that these were stunning images with quite possibly one of the sweetest dogs I’ve ever seen, but there are a lot of photography accounts on Instagram which follow the same idea such as loki_the_wolfdog and juniperfoxx so it wasn’t anything I hadn’t seen before.

However, after further research into Humphrey it became clear that his intentions are purely to raise money for charity, bring the idea of adopting dogs and other animals further to light as well as generally enjoy the experience of travelling with his little companion.

After finding out this information about Humphrey and the charities he supports, it seemed to give his work further depth and context. The daily images he posts are stunning, creating an increased love for our planet, dogs, as well as photography as an art.

Img 6519

How Humphrey Used Social Media Platforms And For What Purposes:


  • By posting his work to Instagram
  • He includes a link to the organisations he supports


  • To bring the idea of adopting dogs rather than breeding them further to light
  • To raise money for charity
  • To persuade companies to invest in him and therefore produce original advertisement as well as supporting a charity


Theron Humphrey. (Unknown). This Wild Idea!. Available: . Last accessed 7th March 2017.

Theron Humphrey. (Unknown). Theron Humphrey. Available: Last accessed 7th March 2017.


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