Isabel Martinez


‘I work as a copywriter in Barcelona, Spain, and my work influenes the scenes I capture. I began using Instagram in 2011. I had never thought of myself as a photographer until May 2013, when Vogue Italy invited me to participate in a professional photographers’ exhibit in Milan. I realized that sometimes intuition is more important than knowledge.

I can’t explain exactly what I do. I love sharing stories and playing with mystery and colour. While colour typically conveys happiness and joy, I love using colour to express a wider range of feelings. The photos in this series could be called #NoHeads – a classic photo genre on Instagram. While these are not exactly #Noheads, there is an element of exploring what is hidden. In my picture titles, I usually add a concept that gives a twist to the image.

CAMOUFLAGED – I love patterns. Sometimes I look at prints and feel something close to hypnosis – as if  could enter into the flowers, the geometry, or any element of the fabric, as if I could lose myself inside them.

PINK LADY – This piece isn’t quite a #NoHead, because the observer can easily recognize the female face behind the balloon. It’s a mix between both elements. Pink Lady is an ephemeral character that appears, just for a second, when the balloon and face collide.

VOYEURISM – The girl behind the plant is in a private moment, retouching her hair. Or maybe she is hidden and there is someone watching her. But who is spying on whom?

EIGHT O’CLOCK – The Spanish brand Delpozo brought me to New York to document the New York Fashion Week. When I visited their headquarters in Madrid, I fell completely in love with this wide-brimmed hat. I observed it for a while, and the concept for this photo emerged.’


Barcelona, Spain

My Initial Response

Initially I believed these images to be from a fashion photographer, perhaps someone who has worked with Vogue due to the colours, patterns, textures and symmetry within each image.

Femininity is a strong theme presented through these images, through the choice of patterns and colours such as pinks, purples and black and white. Despite faces not being visible and a lack of distinctive features, the body exposed to the audience suggests femininity.

After reading into Martinez, it is clear that her work has been inspired by fashion photography as she has worked alongside Vogue during Fashion Week which inspired her to produce the image with the large hat – which she stated she ‘fell in love with’.

Overall I quite like this series, it is something which is able to be consistent due to the hashtag of #NoHead as well as it being something in which her audience can create their own images in response to Martinez’ work and engage in discussion through the Instagram comment section.

How Martinez Used Social Media Platforms And For What Purposes:


  • She uploads her work to Instagram
  • Her work also includes the hashtag #NoHead to engage with a wider audience


  • To allow her audience to engage with her work and present their own versions
  • To explore her love of colour and patterns


Steve Crist and Megan Shoemaker (2014). The Instagram Book. Korea: Ammo. 48-49.


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