Kyle Steed


‘We are born. We grow up. We die. It’s the in-between moments that make life beautiful – the way the evening light slips through the blinds; the way the sand feels beneath your feet; the way the world looks when you shut your eyes. To the untrained eye, these moments pass by in a heartbeat. But to the trained eye, these moments are carefully sought out.

For more than thirteen years now, I have been falling in love with the photograph. It is an art that pushes me to explore, forces me to be patient, and yet still leaves me wanting more. And that’s what I love most about it – the waiting, the yearning for the Unknown. There is something about the great Unknown that drives me to always want to create something new. We only ever have the here and now; if we aren’t willing to capture it, then that moment is gone forever. This pursuit would be all for nothing if I had to do it alone. I think the old saying is true: No man is an island. The most important thing I’ve found in life is not the journey itself but the people you journey with. Having people who inspire and challenge me has really woven its way into my work. At the end of the day, I am driven by my faith and the love of God. It is truly a gift to be able to take part in the great mystery that is the creative process.’


Texas, USA

My Initial Response

Before knowing the concept as a viewer you can appreciate the beauty of the images, as well as the simplicity and the creativity behind them.

However, after reading further into Steed’s work and discovering that the concept behind these images is the fact that every moment is different from the last, as well as Steed believing that we as a society need to stop and appreciate each second of our life journey – this provides a lot more depth to the series.

Now as a viewer I understand the need for an image inside an image; I believe that the Polaroid is to represent one moment in time, and the image behind it and uploaded to Instagram is to represent another – there are endless limitations to what can occur within each second of our lives, but our choices as individuals are what define these moments. If the Polaroid was not there, the image behind it could be completely different depending on the path the model/photographer is on and the choices that they have made – this is something which can create discussion between Steed and his audience due to Instagram having it’s own comment section.

How Steed Used Social Media Platforms And For What Purposes:


  • He uploads his work to Instagram as a continuous series


  • To share his views on life and by doing so, hopefully inspiring his audience to appreciate each moment more so than they may have done before looking into this work
  • To explore his love of photography for him personally


Steve Crist and Megan Shoemaker (2014). The Instagram Book. Korea: Ammo. 30-31.


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